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No7 – Responsibly Irresponsible concept

No7 CORE SKIN logo 400x400
Skincare is an overcrowded, typically dry market. No7 wanted cut-through. Personality. Attitude. A campaign to connect with their wide-ranging target market on an emotional level, while heroing their products’ results. And so Responsibly Irresponsible was born.

As an entire skincare range campaign, encompassing the ranges Protect & Perfect (age 30s), Lift & Illuminate (40s), Restore & Renew (50+) to tell a cross-generational story – something no other brand was doing.

We wanted to represent each age group in a similarly contemporary way. It wasn’t about creating differences between generations, it was about similarities. These are the women re-writing the rules of middle age. Yes, women in their 30s can flip off the concept of being overdressed. Yes, women in their 40s can party all night. Yes, women in their 60s can still have a sex life.

By contrasting this freewheeling spirit, with the serious results of No7, we championed the products’ efficacy. No7’s serious results empower our women, so they can focus on the important things, like having fun. And so… When your skincare is this serious, you don’t have to be.

Visually we brought this to life using the three franchise colours, to differentiate each chapter / product range. Stylistically think Wes Anderson’s distinctive cinematic visual style and attention to detail, combined with the pristine, pastel world of Black Mirror’s ‘Nosedive’ episode.

Below is the TVC script, some social activation ideas, .com quizzes and a typographic route, which we would use for ‘Character-only’ posts, or ‘Claim-meets-character’ posts.

Note: click image for high resolution.